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John Singleton‘s unforeseen passing last April shook his fans and peers something serious and though it seemed like just another case of life taking you by surprise, his family is now launching an investigation into what exactly happened before he ended up in hospitalized.

TMZ is reporting that the baby mothers of the Boyz In The Hood director want to know exactly how Singleton made his way to the hospital, who took him there and what said person(s) know about the events that led to him being hospitalized.

Sources close to the famed filmmaker tell TMZ … some of the mothers of his children are very suspicious of the events leading up to John checking himself into the hospital in mid-April. As we reported, he had just returned from a trip to Costa Rica at the time.

We’re told nobody seems to know how Singleton got to the hospital — he didn’t drive himself, no friends or family are saying they took him, and there are no Uber or Lyft receipts to confirm how he arrived.

Even stranger … our sources say hospital staff told family members John just sort of appeared out of nowhere in a wheelchair … and he seemed pretty out of it.

Yeah, that seems hella suspicious if you ask us. Naturally those close to him want answers and have hired a private investigator to help them get to the bottom of the entire situation.

We’re told they want to know what John was doing beforehand, who he was communicating with, and whether someone knew he was in bad shape and could have done something sooner to help him.

We hope for the sake of the families involved they can get some closure to this tragic chapter in their lives.