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While the 2Pac biography film All Eyez On Me has been slammed by celebrities and critics alike, the version that director John Singleton initially envisioned might have suffered a worse fate. Singleton’s 2014 script leaked online, and it includes a perceived rape scene with 2Pac as the victim and a sex scene involving the slain rapper’s late mother, Afeni Shakur.

TMZ reports:

TMZ obtained several pages from a 2014 draft written by Singleton, and it includes a scene where prison guards lock Tupac in the library, and turn the other way while other inmates assault him. When you read it … there’s a clear insinuation Tupac gets raped.

‘Eyez’ producer L.T. Hutton referred to this scene while he was on “The Breakfast Club,” but fans were hesitant to believe it. For his part, Singleton has trashed ‘Eyez,’ and refused to see it because he “knows they f**ked it up.”

The script, labeled “REVISION EIGHT,” also has a scene where Tupac watches his mother, Afeni, having “adult fun” with a man and another woman.

We contacted the film’s producers, Morgan Creek, to authenticate the script. Marketing EVP Greg Mielcarz told us it’s “one of several versions penned by Mr Singleton while he was working with Morgan Creek.”

Singleton claimed that the script was a first-run draft and was approved by 2Pac’s mother, also adding he dropped out of the project due to alleged disrespect from Morgan Creek towards Afeni Shakur.

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