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It may be the first day of summer, but Winter Is Here. A new Game Of Thrones trailer dropped today (June 21) further whets our thirsty appetites for the latest season of treachery, mysticism and sword fades in Westeros. 

Some quick observations:

That’s still a big ass dragon. 

It’s whatever for Sansa Stark, but we got a feeling Arya Stark is going to setting ish off. 

The White Walkers are not playing, and we got a feeling we’re going to be mad at Bran Stark all over again. 

Jon Snow sounds like he’s trying to parlae with Daenerys, and he is still nice with a sword. 

Reek is still around, and it’s likely his life will continue to be one extended fail. 

All we see is Tyrion looking all serious in a field, somewhere. 

Did we mention how big that dragon got? 

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones finally premieres on July 16.

Photo: screen cap