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Chance The Rapper drew several lines in the sand when he mocked numerous major labels during his Be Encouraged tour, but he regrets mocking Aftermath Entertainment.

Chance is fiercely independent and never hesitates to share his feelings on major record labels. But, he may have crossed the line when he decided to mock a gang of them during his recent shows. Over the past couple of months, Chance has been performing in front of a screen that projects altered logos and spellings of labels like Def Jam, Sony, and Virgin that say “Don’t Join,” “Phony” and “Villian.” One of the labels he clowned was Aftermath Entertainment, home to Dr. Dre, Eminem and formerly 50 Cent.

But today, Chance is backtracking his jabs at the house the Dre built. On Twitter, he apologized for including artist-run labels in his rant.