Just a few days after 2 Chainz turned his Pink Trap House into an HIV screening center for the 4th of July, it’s being reported that the famed pink house is going to be turned into a white house.

According to the lease is up on the ATL rapper’s house at 1530 Howell Mill Road and the property management firm is going to be looking for new tenants to inhabit the property.

Because the lease is up Chainz is planning on painting the popular pink house completely white before handing it over to the Cartel Properties (sounds like the kind of firm you don’t want to mess around with doesn’t it?).

 A woman who works at Cartel, but asked not to be named except as “the landlord,” said in a phone interview earlier this week she had no idea the 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom house would become an art gallery, nail salon, and site of church services, among other ventures run out of the one-story house…

The popularity of the house led to many people visiting the property just to take pictures and though neighbors often complained the amount of traffic it created, 2 Chainz did his best to address the situation.

Some neighbors have complained about the crowds and traffic to the house. The landlord told the AJC she leased it with good intentions, but might not have leased the property if she had known it would become such a frequented site.

“You have to give them credit,” Rohrig told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by phone Thursday. “They did a pretty good job handling complaints and adding security when needed.”

2 Chainz’s team made arrangements to build a parking lot behind to house to help manage traffic.

The house has become such an attraction, the Fulton County Health Department had parked its mobile HIV testing truck in the front yard of the house next door on July 4, hoping to capitalize on the crowds and get people tested as they showed up for selfies. (Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show Atlanta is the No. 5 city in the nation for new cases of HIV.)

Rohig also noted that Chainz was planning on moving the house to another neighborhood but unfortunately those plans fell through.

Either way it seems like 2 Chainz is intent on helping his community and hopefully he’ll be able to set up shop in another spot.


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