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Deray Mckesson found himself an unwilling target of Twitter slander after a trailer for the upcoming War For The Planet Of The Apes surfaced online. Twitter users pointed out a blue vest-wearing ape in the clip and compared the character to the activist, inviting a boatload of comments including some commentary from Deray himself.

It all began when the trailer for the film began making its social media rounds. Folks picked up immediately on the blue vest ape and while it was mild jokes at first, it got serious real quick for some.

The above comment is just one of many similar ones made, with some questioning Mckesson’s dedication to the movement beyond his pockets being laced. That said, the jokes have been relentless and venomous from the onset and don’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.

Check out Twitter cooking Deray Mckesson and the blue vest-wearing ape from War For The Planet Of The Apes below and on the following pages. If we missed any of your fave responses, sound off in the comments section.

No shots to the homie, but this one might be a bit of a reach even by the most woke of standards.


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