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Maia Campbell looks like she needs serious help, but even LL Cool J can’t get through to her. The Hip-Hop icon was rebuffed when he reached out to his old In The House castmate. 

A viral video of Campbell looking cracked out in Stone Mountain is what prompted the rapper and actor to seek out his friend. However, her response was rather dismissive.

“Hey Todd, look bro, I love you,” she said in a cell phone video. “I don’t need help, I just need a benefit concert for mental health. Don’t DM me.”

Armchair doctors and therapists immediately noted that Campbell just isn’t ready to acknowledge her problems. LL recently took to Twitter to respond to her non-response.

“You can’t help someone who doesn’t want your help,” he tweeted.

We sincerely hope Maia Campbell gets the help she needs, sooner than later.