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This is just sad. Troubled actress Maia Campbell was spotted in Stone Mountain, GA looking like a straight up crackhead, allegedly. 

Campbell has dealt with substance abuse issues before—she was arrested at a Waffle House and a Burger King in 2015. She was even on an episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life where it seemed like the In The House actress was getting her life back on track.

But a new video makes it evident that she fell off the wagon.

In the clip, it appears that Campbell is just wearing a bra and underwear while she can even be heard saying she wants some crack, and relaying a tale about a rendezvous with a Persian stripper.

Best case scenario, it’s an old video that is only surfacing now. This is truly sad.

UPDATE: LL Cool J reached out, but it looks like Maia doesn’t want any help.

Photo: screen cap