maia campbell

Campbell, 43, worked as a television actress in the 1990s and has been plagued by public battles with drug addiction and mental health issues.

Maia Campbell recently landed in the news after a video surfaced of the actress asking for drugs in just her underwear at a Stone Mountain, Georgia gas station. Her former In The House co-star, LL Cool J, made a public call to reach out to Campbell, but the offer for help was sidestepped.

This is just sad. Troubled actress Maia Campbell was spotted in Stone Mountain, GA looking like a straight up crackhead, allegedly. 

We’re going to guess that Maia Campbell has fallen off the wagon. The former In The House actress, with a history of drug use, was arrested in Atlanta and Riverdale, GA at a Burger King and a Waffle House, respectively.

Let’s make this clear. The use of crack cocaine never got sexy. It never became classy either. Crack is still very much wack folks. Unfortunately, too many celebrities never got this message.