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Gaurdians rejoice, the beta for Destiny 2 is finally here, that’s if you took the liberty of pre-ordering the game on PS4. Today at 10 a.m. Pacific time, Playstation owners got their first crack at Destiny 2’s beta, Bungie’s follow-up to their record setting baby Destiny which sold over $500 million on launch day.

Fear not Xbox One owners, your pre-order will grant you access on July 19 at the same time to Bungie’s expansive and bold shooter’s sequel. Everyone else who didn’t pre-order can pick up the sticks on July 21 when the beta officially opens to everyone.  Players participating will have till July 23 to experience three of the upcoming game’s components.  Here are the three Destiny 2 experiences Bungie is offering in their beta:

“Homecoming”:  This is the game’s first campaign mission in which players answer a distress call from the Last City on Earth. You and alongside other Guardians are tasked with defending the Guardian safe haven The Tower. It is under attack from the insanely large spacefaring and warmonging race The Cabal.  Players will not be required to have a PS Plus account or XBOX Live account to play the mission.

“The Inverted Spire”: A cooperative multiplayer strike which takes place on Nessus, a vex world.  The strike puts you right in the middle of an all-out battle between the Cabal and the Vex. You will traverse caverns face numerous threats and eventually take on an epic boss. Not bad for just a beta!

“The Crucible”: Destiny’s popular player vs player online arena, Bungie will be showing off a new round-based mode called “Countdown”. In the new mode players are tasked with arming and defending a bomb or trying to disarm the bomb.

PS Plus or XBOX Live is needed to play both “The Inverted Spire” strike or “The Crucible.”  Today will be your only chance to get in on the action early, if you miss out on the pre-order you will have to wait till July 21. A PC beta is set to launch sometime in August sorry folks. Gaurdians looks like you have an excuse to stay inside all week long. Destiny 2 offiicially launches on consoles September 6th, and on PC October 24th!

Photo: Activision