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The annual Boy Scouts Jamboree had the displeasure of being graced by the presence of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. The orange overlord of chaos used the speech to tell a bunch of minors of his cocktail parties and even managed to throw around his win over Hillary Clinton in the mix among other goofball moments.

On Monday (July 24), President Trump talked about lavish cocktail parties, losing money and rubbing elbows with rich playboys, all the values we commonly associated with the Boy Scouts organization. The bizarre speech also featured a moment when Trump spoke about his improbable win last November and even led a chorus of boos against former President Barack Obama. Essentially, he pulled a Donald Trump only this time as POTUS in front of a group of kids.

The reaction on Twitter has been high as expected and continues on this morning. The Trump administration hasn’t really addressed the president’s speech as its dealing with the subpoena of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort by the Senate Judiciary Committee among other issues.

Check out some of the chatter related to President Trump’s weird Boy Scouts Jamboree speech below and on the following pages.

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