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Was Vic Mensa ready to go at Lil Yachty on his new album? According to Chicago rapper he was about to do just that before Jay-Z himself talked Mensa into falling back from firing off a flare on his forthcoming album The Autobiography.

During his interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Vic was asked what kind of advice the Hip-Hop mogul gave him during the making of his album, and Mensa recalled, “You know it’s funny. There was a situation where I had a line that was kind of dissing somebody else and it wasn’t really necessary and I just wanted it ’cause it was a good bar…”

He added, “I took it off and I actually … I didn’t wanna take it off. At all. I played it for him and he didn’t really say to take it off at all, and later on he hit me thinking about it and said ‘I think you should take it off of there for this reason.’”

Being the young gunner that he is, Vic still couldn’t see eye-to-eye with Jay until Hova further expounded on his opinion. “He told me ‘Do you, but what you’re doing won’t work out in your favor because your heart is not in it.’”

It was then that Hova’s advice began to make sense to Vic. “That made me think, because my man managed the kid and I was dissin’ another rapper really for no reason… That really just shifted my perspective on it. I don’t need to be tearing down another young black man regardless of if I like the music or not… We gotta be more unified than that.”

Vic Mensa is one of many rappers who’ve taken shots at Lil Yachty in the past year and change, but it seems like Jay-Z’s advice has resonated in a way with Vic that he didn’t expect.

We shouldn’t be surprised though. Even though Jay-Z’s been in his fair share of rap beefs in his illustrious career, lest we forget, “Hov did that so hopefully you don’t have to go through that.

Check out the interview below.

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