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Death, deceit and decisive action set the mood for this week’s episode of Power. Some conflicts may be “done”, but they aren’t finished.

Read highlights from this week’s episode—spoilers ahead.

Dre’s behind the scenes movements become more intricate as this season progresses. His motivation to be the biggest drug dealer ever has revealed his true colors, and informs his actions against Ghost and Tommy.

He expresses concern to Ghost about the impending war with the Jiminez and Toros Locos, while breeding mistrust in the primeras by not cosigning Tommy’s war order 100%. While Ghost meets with the Jiminez to trade their silence behind who really killed Lobos in exchange for the corners and ports Tommy demanded, Dre meets with the Jiminez to double-cross Tommy and guarantee he could end the war in their favor before it begins. Dre offers the Bassett hotels as covert drug locations and his loyalty. The Jiminez agrees to the terms of the deal, while expecting Dre to carry out his part of the deal or be killed swiftly.

Dre also becomes involved with Councilman Tate’s plan to clean up their old Queens neighborhood, using Ghost and Dre to assist. Dre is in the game for Dre, and no one is safe.

Tommy wants answers from his mom (Kate Egan) about Teresi. Kate initially denies Teresi, and Tommy visits Teresi’s wife to get more information and small talk. Tommy finds a photo in Teresi’s house and brings it to his mom. It was a photo of Teresi holding baby Tommy in front of their old house. Kate confesses that Teresi is his father, and that Tony left them after that picture. Tommy decides to keep in touch with Teresi to learn more about him, while Kate visits him in jail to demand he stay away from Tommy.


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