Ever since he came into the game with his sometimes incoherent rhymes Lil Yachty’s been getting a lot of blowback from Hip-Hop purists both on the streets and in the industry (sometimes well deserved). But behind the colored dreads and gold teeth is a kid who seems to have come from humble beginnings.

Going sneaker shopping with Complex, Yachty remembers “I didn’t really have sneakers growing up” and admitted that the first pair of cool sneakers he brought “were some fake [Jordan] VII’s.” As sad and relatable as that is, you can admit those kind of things once you’re able to drop $14,000 on a pair of Back To The Future Air Mags like Yachty did.

Now that he’s in the rap game and getting rap money the boat kid can afford all the kicks that his heart desires.

By the end of his shopping spree Yachty drops $2,100 on some Dunks and a few of the lesser popular Jordan silhouettes including the 21’s, 14’s, and 9’s. We guess he’s still at that awkward stage of his teen years.

Check out the clip below.

Photo: screen cap

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