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Looks like super groupie and Shyte starter Kat Stacks is at it again, this time it’s not a rapper she is picking at.

Things appeared to get extremely heated after things hit the fan in the Anthony household as a result of Stacks sending a few flirtatious tweets to NBA star Carmelo Anthony last week, and his wife Lala caught a glimpse.

According to published reports, Carmelo Anthony decided to handle the situation and show that he doesn’t play with his family.

Carmelo Tweeted the following reponse:

“I got 5k for whoever see @ihatekatstacks  and slap the Shyte out of her pigeon faced a**. Real talk. U f**cked with the right one now.”

Not soon after, Carmelo’s Twitter account was deleted with him later claiming it was hacked.

Im back on! My account was hacked.Thanks twitter for getting me str8. Jst finished my first movie in China now im headed back to the States”

After the threat, Stacks; the mother of 9-month old baby boy, tweeted the following claim that the police are now involved in the situation:

“So the FBI getting involved since its an internet case. Just filed a police report on @CarmeloAnthony. Don’t you ever put my life and my son life in danger!”

If charged Carmelo could face a conspiring to commit criminal acts charge.

Although it is unclear if Kat Stacks really filed the report or if Carmelo’s Twitter was actually hacked, one thing is for certain, Kat Stacks better back up before she gets caught slipping again.