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Insecure has captured the hearts and minds of viewers for the second season in a row, but a trio of Frank Ocean fans dug deeper than most to uncover some hidden easter eggs. The Reddit users pointed out a number of references to the talented singer and songwriter’s music in Insecure‘s second season.

Complex reports:

Never thought I would write this, but thank God for Reddit. The site is perfect for digging around for deep fan theories on Game of Thrones, and a place where hypebeasts go for underground fashion scoops. This time, Reddit is shining a light on a very sneaky pattern currently unfurling on HBO’s Insecure. Season 2 has been interesting for many reasons—mostly the messy ass relationships that dominate the screen each Sunday. But a few Redditors have pointed out something even more interesting than Molly getting piped down by a married man: Frank Ocean references.

Since late July, Redditors no_potion, plantlover3, and sparkleheartemoji have been spotting tiny clues that point to a deliberate plan to include Frank Ocean into each episode of the season. Between their knowledge and our own research, we were able to identify the moments that salute the revered singer-songwriter.

The outlet notes that Insecure creator Issa Rae dropped sly references to Drake’s music in its debut season, keeping with the show’s pulse on what millennials are rocking on their respective grinds.

Check out Complex’s breakdown of the Frank Ocean Insecure references by following this link.