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You’d be hard pressed to find a woke Black person who thinks Donald Trump cares about Black people. A new poll shows Americans in general don’t believe Cheeto cares about Black people, too. 

Reports Raw Story:

A new poll this week from The Economist/YouGov posed the question “How much do you think Donald Trump cares about the needs and problems of black people?” A majority of respondents—57 percent—said either “not at all” (38 percent) or “not much” (19 percent). Twenty-four percent said they believed Trump cared “some,” while just 19 percent felt he cared “a lot.” 

Among black respondents, 61 percent thought Trump cared “not at all,” while 14 percent thought he cared “not much.” Pretty much the only people who thought Trump cared about black people were those who voted for the former reality-TV star. Eighty-eight percent of Trump voters thought he either cared “a lot” or “some” about black people’s issues and needs. Just 1 percent of Hillary Clinton voters thought he cared “a lot,” while 95 percent thought he cared “not much” or “not at all.” 

The poll found that Americans weren’t sure the president cared about Hispanic people either. Forty-two percent thought Trump cared “not at all” about their needs and problems, while 19 percent thought “not much.” Among Hispanic respondents, a majority—54 percent—felt the president didn’t care at all.

So a guy who made up a story about Barack Obama being born in Kenya, thinks Black men exonerated via DNA evidence of a rape are still guilty and who defended White Supremacist might not care for Black people?

Go figure.

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