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With all the talk that Team Putin has infiltrated everything from Facebook to the White House, consumers have grown wary of anything Russia related including computer software.

According to the Star Tribune, Best Buy has heard those concerns and has decided to pull a computer antivirus program due to word that its manufacturer, Kaspersky Labs, could have ties to the Russian government.

People fear that the software can somehow allow Russian hackers to sneak into some 400 million computers of Kaspersky customers.

Though the Moscow-based cyber security firm has denied having any ties to the Kremlin and have even offered to give up their source code to prove there’s no backdoor to the program, Best Buy felt there were too many “unanswered questions” and so decided to discontinue sale of the software.

It certainly doesn’t help that in the last few months some emails surfaced that showed exchanges between Kaspersky Labs and Russian intelligence furthering fueling suspicions that the two entities are somehow collaborators.

For people worried their Kaspersky program could allow hackers access to their nude pics that no one wants, Best Buy is offering them the chance to exchange it for free for something else within the next 45 days. They’ll even have their Geek Squad uninstall the software within the same time window.

Unfortunately, if this program did what everyone feared it would, it might be too late. We kid, we kid.

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