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Netflix series Narcos has unfortunately been touched by real-life violence. A location scout for the show was shot and killed while doing his job in Mexico. 

Reports Deadline:


A locations manager for Netflix’s Narcos was killed Monday, apparently by gunshot, in a rural area of Mexico known for gang-related drug violence.

A report in the local press indicates 37-year-old Carlos Muñoz Portal died while scouting locations for the show. There are no specifics yet on what happened, but he was last seen heading out to the State of Mexico for some production photographs.

His body was found hours later in his car and had sustained several gunshot wounds. The vehicle was found on an unnamed dirt road in San Bartolo Actopan, part of the municipality of Temascalapa. The site is located very close to the border with Hidalgo, which is notorious for drug-related homicides.

Reportedly, the next season of Narcos will focus on Mexican cartels.

Rest in power Carlos Muñoz Portal.

Photo: Facebook