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Maybe the most powerful and nuanced take on the ramifications of this weekend’s NFL “protests” of headass commentary from Donald Trump comes via Shannon Sharpe. As always, the former NFL star and sports analyst eloquently explained why you should keep your third eye open on today’s (Sept. 25) episode of Undisputed

“I’m unimpressed because this wasn’t a protest. This was unity,” said Sharpe. “So what are we showing solidarity against, Skip? We’re showing solidarity because President Trump, he challenged the very men—wealthy wealth men, billionaires!—and he told them what you should do if someone protests, you should fire them.  They don’t like being told what to do, Skip.”

Then Sharpe highlighted the audacity of Trump calling protesters SOB’s when he didn’t call Vladimir Putin or Neo-Nazis out of their name. And it’s damn sure not the worst Trump has said considering the alt-POTUS was caught promoting vagina grabbing on audio or making fun of the disabled at rallies.

Sharpe made it clear, Colin Kaepernick kneeled because of injustices in America (see: police brutality and the death of Black people at their hands), but none of these NFL teams touched on that issue, besides the Seattle Seahawks.

He also called out Ray Lewis, who he says is one of his best friends, for the hypocrisy of his kneeling and LeSean McCoy’s stretching as if we forgot about what he said about Kaep.

“What are you unifying against,” asked Sharpe. Watch him speak his powerful words below.

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