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The “widow” of Sean Bell is considering running for a vacant City Council seat representing Queens, according to published reports.

Paultre Bell has become increasingly politically active in recent years and has worked closely with the Rev. Al Sharpton.

As previously reported, the city of New York has agreed to award family and friends of Sean Bell $7 million for the fatal shooting of the unarmed Black man on his wedding day.

The settlement filed Tuesday will pay $3.25 million to the estate of Sean Bell and $3 million to Joseph Guzman and $900,000 to Trent Benefield, two of Bell’s friends that were with him injured in the shooting.

The lawsuit filed by Bell’s fiancé Nicole Paultre-Bell accused the city of wrongful death, negligence, assault and civil rights violations.

Three police officers were acquitted of multiple charges including manslaughter in 2008 for the 2006 shooting of Bell, as he left his bachelor party on his wedding day.

Officers fired 50 shots into Bell’s vehicle outside of a NYC gentleman’s club, one even stopping to reload before firing 31 shots into the unarmed Black man’s car.

As part of the settlement, New York trigger’s happy police department was cleared of any wrongdoing.

They say in order to beat the system, you have to join it… Good luck.