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Chance The Rapper visited the set of CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for an interview, covering a few topics. While on the set, Chano premiered a new song with Daniel Ceasar and it was a powerful performance that felt both somber and impassioned at the same time with Chance spitting nothing but true facts.

“I’m just gonna keep rappin’ and y’all just keep clappin’/And keep actin’ like Flint got clean water and y’all don’t got teen daughters/And black friends and gay cousins y’all just don’t say nothin’/Know that the day comin’ knees bowed, tongues confessin’/The last ones gettin’ first dibs on blessings,” Chance raps at one intense moment near the end of the song after opening the track rapping about his struggles with faith, his toddler daughter and more. Along with Ceasar on the vocals, Chance also harmonized on the hook. 

Check out Chance The Rapper’s new untitled track as performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Hit the flip to see Chance’s interview with Colbert, where he talks about the ongoing campaign for him to run for mayor of Chicago and more.

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