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Atari hopes to rise from video game purgatory Spring 2018 with the release of their first new system in 20-plus years, the Ataribox. Not much has been revealed as far as what games will be pre-loaded on the hardware, but in a recent newsletter released by Atari we learned a just a bit more about mystery system.

Those who contributed to the new system via the crowdsourcing campaign Indiegogo will get their hands on the system when it launches this fall. Everyone else will have to wait unti next Spring.

The Ataribox draws inspiration from the classic Atari 2600 model by sporting wood detail and yes, it’s real wood.

That’s as retro as it gets though as it does remain very modern in appearance with its ribbed detailing keeps it very up to date. On the inside, the Ataribox will be powered by an AMD customized processor and run Linux.

It will have an OS (operating system) and grant owners access to games brought on other platforms. Now as we stated above not much has been mentioned about the games on the Ataribox except that it will play both retro and modern games. The system will also allow streaming, music listening and connecting to and navigating your favorite social media platforms.

For those who are not pleased with the wood laesthetics, there will be a second much sexier black option for the console. As far as price is concerned, the Ataribox will cost anywhere from $250-$300. A very reasonable price point indeed.

With Nintendo getting the retro console train rolling, the Ataribox looks like it will be offering gamers the best of both worlds. We are interested to see the games the system will be offering, so it definitely has our attention.

Are you guys excited for Atari’s new system?

Photos: Atari