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GameOva Reedy, the originator of the “For Tha D*ck” freestyle that’s all the rage right now, seems to be supportive of the viral effect of the so-called #ForThaD*ck challenge. However, few are giving the New Orleans rapper credit for launching the craze after dropping an impromptu freestyle in 2016 and now she just wants folks to¬†kindly credit her.

TMZ reports:

Cardi B, Erykah Badu and Tiffany Haddish have all hopped on the #ForTheD challenge this week — listing off things they’d do to get some D. Think Ice Bucket Challenge, but funnier with more penis references.

The hashtag was inspired by Reedy’s track “FreeStyle” … which has more than a million views online. While she’s flattered by all the famous D riders, she admitted the anonymity’s eating away at her.

And if anyone is taken aback by GameOva Reedy’s irritation behind it all, wouldn’t anyone be upset if someone created a wave behind something they’ve created but folks didn’t reach back for a look or even a simple shout out?

Also, peep the original freestyle from Reedy below.

Photo: Screen Cap/TMZ