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Snoop Dogg has joined in with the growing number of critics who are flabbergasted that free agent quarterbacks of lesser skill are getting signed while free agent Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned. Taking to Instagram, Uncle Snoop railed against the signing of journeyman quarterback Brandon Weeden by the Tennessee Titans and calling the players getting jobs ahead of Kap bums.

“Back to hood news, the NFL signs another bum ass quarterback, and Colin Kaepernick is still at home without a job,” Snoop said in the clip. “”They signed another f—ing bum, but didn’t want to give my n—a a job.”

Snoop added, “NFL owners, can y’all please give Colin Kaepernick a shot? I’m asking,” he continued. “It’s so many bums out there on Sunday playing. Can cuz get a shot? NFL owners, somebody, s–t.”

Watch Snoop Dogg call out the NFL for ignoring Colin Kaepernick.

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