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Vice President Mike Pence used your tax dollars for a pre-planned protest. The Race Bannon lookalike walked out of a Colts vs 49ers NFL game after players kneeled during the National Anthem. 

Besides the struggle of acting like he didn’t know that players on the San Francisco 49ers, ya know, the team Colin Kaepernick used to play for, would kneel, it was obvious he had no plans on staying at the game.

Reporters who were traveling with Pence were told not to even bother getting out of the van they were traveling in because he might leave early.

Pence then took to Twitter to rationalize his attempt at oppression.

Also, the moron-in-chief confirmed that the struggle was planned this morning  (Oct. 9) via tweet, of course.

Bob Mueller, faster, please.

And yeah, about the reporters…