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Not too long ago Meek Mill got some iron bracelets placed on him for recklessly driving his motorcycle in New York City. He might’ve gotten away with it too had the Philly rapper not decided to place his wild ways on his Instagram page, but he did and so he didn’t.

Now TMZ is reporting that Meek has just cut a deal with the DA’s office that can see the arrest wiped from his record after completing 30 hours of community service (he’s already done 20) and if he can avoid getting running into the law for 6 months.

For all of this Meek gets the original felony charged dropped to two misdemeanors.

Speaking to TMZ Meek’s lawyer Joe Tacopina said, “This swift resolution vindicates Meek and clearly shows how outrageous the police department’s conduct is in this case.”

A felony charge for poppin’ a wheelie for a music video does seem a bit excessive. But hey, at least Meek finally turned a W out of a self-inflicted L.