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Waka Flocka Flame raised many an eyebrow when he told Sway he wasn’t actually a Black. The Atlanta rapper has double down on his statement. 

“Instead of judging me ask yourselves why…,” wrote Waka on Instagram that past Saturday (Oct. 14). “Why Waka ghetto ass talking like this. Why Waka saying all this woke sh*t. Why Trump not… Why the media ignore real issues. Why we support xyz. We all have to fix ourselves to see the real problems #HaveABlessedOne.”

For the record, ain’t nothing more annoying than a “woke” dude who has a poor command of the facts.

Ain’t nothing wrong with claiming your native heritage. But homie told Sway he’s not Black, but in his IG double down he used “air quotes” and said he’s “not the Black America call me.” Then trying to flip it on some I’ve traveled the world and we’re all in the struggle ish (duh) so that’s what really important is disingenuous.

C’mon son.

Also, he’s a fan of The Matrix.

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