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Michael Bennett might be the most vocal NFL player in support of free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick getting a look from one of the teams in the league in need of his services. The Seattle Seahawks defensive player spoke on Wednesday (Ocr. 18) in Washington, stating that talks between the NFL and players regarding the protests should resume after the issue of Kaepernick getting an opportunity to play has been resolved.

ESPN reports:

“I think the first step to even being able to even have a conversation is making sure that Colin Kaepernick gets an opportunity to play in the NFL,” Bennett said Wednesday. “I think before we even negotiate anything about whether we sit, whether we stand [during the national anthem], it should be a negotiation about opening up the doors for Colin Kaepernick and giving him an opportunity again, because I feel like through everything, that’s been lost.

“All of us are having an opportunity to be able to speak to our employers, but to think about the guy who started everything not to be able to have a voice at this moment, it just doesn’t seem very right to me.”

Bennett did not attend the Tuesday meeting between the NFL and players regarding the protest issue, stating the Seahawks had practice. He has, however, been in contact with players who did attend that share his feelings that Kaepernick being passed over by quarterbacks with far inferior skill level is hard to overlook.

“I don’t think we can work alongside them until we address that issue,” Bennett added.

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