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Justin Timberlake is officially performing at the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show, but Twitter fans are not celebrating the news. Taking note of what happened last time Timberlake was there and what happened with Janet Jackson in 2004, many on the social are sharing their disappointment in droves.

Ever since the so-called “Nipplegate” when Timberlake ripped open Jackson’s bodice and America got an eyeful, the criticism has been largely levied upon Jackson, a Black woman, while Timberlake, a white man, has been able to coast on by with his privilege. Adding to the fact that Timberlake’s crafted apology was seemingly acceptable far ahead of Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” explanation, the situation left a sour taste in the mouths of many ahead of the current social media generation.

Given that social networks and the running commentaries that exist there is now the norm, many on Twitter are voicing their displeasure at the crooner and actor getting a second shot at the big stage after critics bashed Jackson. There is also a curious ignorance to Timberlake’s role in the controversy, considering he is the one who exposed Jackson’s breast and not the other way around.

We’ve captured some of the responses online, most especially from Black Twitter, to the news that Justin Timberlake will hit the Super Bowl Halftime Show stages below and on the following pages.

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