Kendu Isaacs and his attempt to shake his estranged wife Mary J. Blige for extra dough over what he referred to as “divorce songs” didn’t go as planned. After Isaacs said that being the target of MJB’s R&B diss tracks and that harming his ability to get a job, he asked the courts for more cash to hold down his bachelor’s lifestyle in Los Angeles but was thwarted by the legal powers that be.

The exclusively reports:

According to the ruling by the judge, Blige will continue making the same payments to Martin “Kendu” Isaacs. He wanted an increase to $65,000 per month … that was shut down too.

As we previously reported, Isaacs is claiming Blige has been profiting off their divorce by releasing break-up inspired music, and he wanted an audit of her profits.

Blige said the money should be off-limits to Isaacs because it’s based off her royalties, and claims he’s not entitled to it.

Blige still has to pay Isaacs, her former manager, $30,000 a month, citing that he wanted the payments increased to account for losses he feels were suffered because of the success of the new records detailing the drama.


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