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Today marks the 15 year anniversary of Jam Master Jay’s murder. Police officials have confirmed that the case is cold.

On October 30, 2002, the RUN-DMC DJ was gunned down in his Queen studio. According to reports two gunman entered the facility after being buzzed in by the receptionist. The men were both known to the Rap pioneer as he hugged one before getting shot.

It is said four other individuals were in the studio the night of the shooting but all have declined to come forward with further details. In a recent article by the Associated Press local police detectives admit that the murder has officially been ruled a cold case.

Friends and family of JMJ commented in the feature but showed very little enthusiasm about the mystery getting solved. “It’s not resolved to the legal eye, but the street always talks,” explained Jeremy “JL” Lam who is a partner in the studio now.

It is rumored that the Rap pioneer was deeply in debt at the time and resorted to drug dealing on the side to get out of the financial hole. Allegedly this is the reason he was murdered.

Most recently retired NYPD cop Derrick Parker states that he knows who killed Jam Master Jay and feels this case can still be solved. In his 2006 book Notorious C.O.P. he points the finger to Ronald “Tinard” Washington as the killer. You can see his recent VladTV interview where he discusses the case below.

Via Billboard Magazine