Safaree just got back to the Big Apple and is already making eyes at curvaceous artists. Self introduces him to Dream Doll at Remy’s networking event and you could almost sense the blood rushing downward as he shook her hand. Grown men ought not to be this girl crazy, which is exactly what his mother and two sisters tell him later in the episode. They also throw a few stray shots, stating that they never liked the women that Safaree thought to bring home. Not one. Oop. So… That means Nicki too?

At the networking event, Remy and Juju run into Yandy, who’s working on several different things at once as usual. In the middle of discussing her new production studio in Atlanta, the phone rings and it’s her incarcerated husband — AND SHE TELLS HIM TO CALL HER BACK. Bruh. Remy and Juju chastise her for the curve and she blinks twice and asks: “Remy, how many times you called Pap?” Seriously.

Anais is a firecracker and she should be interesting to watch this season. Her situation is a tricky one. She’s fly as an artist. Beautiful singing voice, Latin Grammy nods. Charting on Billboard. She’s married to this guy Ruben who looks like he just woke up in every scene that he appears in. He just doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. Anais is annoyed by him. She flirts publicly. He’s much older and they have a couple kids together. Ruben wanted a housewife but she was singing when they met so we’re not sure what he expected. The angst between them is real. Especially when she comes dangerously close to calling him out his name. “You’re more dramatic than a bitch sometimes.” We wept.


Later this season, Anais will be getting her hands sticky with Rich Dollars who, after revealing his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, swore it was “time to stop creeping and get back to his first passion — the music.” We want him to stop with the ‘creep’ references. They’re all corny. Also, messing with a married woman brings chaos. But we digress.


Bianca is still out here fighting in these streets, which is insane. Her beef this season is with another young lady, Brittney Taylor, who Rich has decided to try and manage. The two women are behaving like high schoolers. “My whole beef with her started when she started jacking my songs, jacking my swag, taking bits and pieces of my image and acting like this ain’t my brand that I worked for,” says Brittney. Uh. Okay, we guess. Anyway, in true LHH fashion, the two end up in the same club and Bianca nails Brit in the face with one of her shoes. We’re sure they’ll meet again.

Yandy is having a couple issues with her husband and his mom. Mendeecees actually does call again later in the episode to scold her for a recent Instagram post. “It’s like you inspired to become some kinda video vixen,” he says. She laughs it off and tells him that she’s just been busy at work so he has something to come home to.

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