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Chance The Rapper appeared to be very much a natural during his hosting gig for SNL, and it included a variety of high moments. The Chicago rapper turned on the charm for the show, and fans on Twitter reacted in kind.

Chance opened up his SNL spot with a “Chance-giving” monologue, opening with a song about Thanksgiving after stating there are no such songs for the American holiday. Chance also shined in a skit where he and his mother, played by Leslie Jones, visit Wayne Manor and confront Bruce Wayne about Batman’s rough treatment of petty criminals in his neighborhood. Of course, the sentiment rang loud and clear that Chance was poking at police brutality in inner cities.

Perhaps the most-talked-about skit of the night involved Chance, Kenan Thompson, and Chris Redd as the 90s-styled R&B trio De-Von-Tré, and their slow jam “Come Back, Barack” was an impassioned plea towards former President Barack Obama to take the reins of the White House once more. In the same show, Eminem was the musical guest, performing his hits “Stan” and “Love The Way You Lie” to raucous applause.

Twitter was on fire with the reactions and we’ve captured some of the best. Take in some of the skits and the reactions below and on the following pages. Did you have a favorite moment? Let us know which one it was in the comments section.

Photo: screen cap

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