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LeVar Burton, best known as the host of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation, is getting a lesson in mistaken identity the hard way. It appears that supporters of President Donald Trump either missed Burton’s show about reading properly or think all Black folks look the same, but they’ve been giving Burton the blues by thinking he’s LaVar Ball and attacking the man.

Ball, the brash and boisterous dad of the basketball-playing Ball brothers, and Trump have been in an open-air beef ever since LiAngelo Ball and two UCLA teammates got away with a mere slap on the wrist after being caught shoplifting in China. The Ball patriarch seemingly wasn’t impressed by President Trump’s assumed wheeling and dealing on their behalf and the former business mogul has declared online war.

That has invited some of the chatter seen by Burton, who looks nothing like Ball and their first names are completely different. In a report from the New York Daily News, Burton’s woes were documented but he isn’t taking it too seriously.

From NYDN:

“Star Trek” actor LeVar Burton has been receiving hate mail intended for LaVar Ball in the middle of his feud with President Trump.

“You’re a has been actor with a thief for a son and Trump is the president of the United States. Get the picture?” one person tweeted.

“I wonder what you did to piss off your producers that they made you sit through that sh*t-show of an interview with @levarburton…. what an arrogant a–hole!!” another wrote to CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“LaVar Burton broke the rules of good manners. He insulted our president and the president of China. He should be ashamed that his son dishonored him by stealing,” tweeted another.

The mix-up comes a day after Ball went on CNN to defend himself against Trump, who has lashed out for not receiving enough thanks for getting three UCLA basketball players — including Ball’s son, LiAngelo — out of Chinese jail after shoplifting.

The outlet added that Burton tweeted out he’s not all that concerned about the jabs although they seem to be coming in droves. This is the part we remind the dum-dums that not all Black people look alike and the names LaVar and LeVar are definitely different.

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