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LaVar Ball hit the reset button on the family athletic apparel company Big Baller Brand and is trying again to make it a thing. The head of the Ball clan announced via his Instagram account the company has been resurrected from the dead.

LaVar Ball and his overbearing presence in directing the basketball careers of his three sons cast a shadow on their potential trajectory, although he managed to craft business deals with them in mind. Now, a former business partner is excusing the Ball family patriarch of embezzling funds from the family’s various business holdings.

The Big Baller Brand dynasty might be falling apart already. A recent episode of the family’s Facebook reality show Ball In The Family highlighted the rift between LaVar Ball and his son Lonzo Ball.

LaVar Ball is well-known for speaking his mind and saying outrageous things when he gets in front of a camera. Looks like his mouth finally got him in hot water. ESPN announced on Tuesday (June 18) that following his inappropriate remark he made to ESPN’s First Take host Molly Qerim on Monday’s (June 19) show […]


Over the weekend, the NBA landscape changed something drastically when the LA Lakers finally landed the uni-brow beast known as Anthony Davis. Unfortunately for Lavar Ball, his son Lonzo was part of the massive package sent to New Orleans for the double-double machine and right on cue he appeared on ESPN’s First Take to act […]

The New Orleans Pelicans, owner of the #1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, traded away their biggest star in Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers for a LOT of assets. Lonzo Ball was included in the trade and his dad LaVar Ball vowed that the Lake Show will never win again.

LaVar Ball is back, and he’s talking. Lonzo Ball’s dad hit up Undisputed, and Twitter has been reacting ever since. 

The Big Baller Brand European experiment didn’t end well by any means, this after brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball left the squad before the season was over. The team issued a press release blasting LaVar Ball and his sons, saying they tried to “destroy the club.”

If nothing else, LaVar Ball believes in his boys and their prowess on the basketball court. Although his son LiAngelo Ball went undrafted in last night’s NBA Draft, the patriarch of the Ball clan said that if the Los Angeles Lakers trade Lonzo Ball, it won’t fare well for them.

LiAngelo Ball’s fondness for free designer eyewear is still not behind him. He is a good sport in a new commercial that jokingly alludes to his sticky fingers.

Donald Trump lied, as usual. Just as many suspected, the alleged POTUS had nothing to do with the release of then UCLA players LiAngelo Ball and two of his teammates from jail in China after they had been caught shoplifting.