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Over the weekend, the NBA landscape changed something drastically when the LA Lakers finally landed the uni-brow beast known as Anthony Davis. Unfortunately for Lavar Ball, his son Lonzo was part of the massive package sent to New Orleans for the double-double machine and right on cue he appeared on ESPN’s First Take to act all kinds of a fool.

Taking to the morning sports show to put a hex on the Lakers championship aspirations and front like his son being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans was part of his master plan, Lavar Ball came off as salty as cod and twice as delusional. But Ball really showed his ass when he made a off the cuff comment to the show’s female moderator, Molly Qerim.

In the middle of the interview Molly jumped in asking, “Lavar, can I switch gears with you because I have a question here,” to which the married father of three responded “You can switch gears with me anytime.”

A visibly shocked Qerim took a second to gather herself before shutting down the awkward moment saying “Let’s stay focused here.”

Oh, Lavar. Why?

It seems like just yesterday Lavar Ball told FOX Sports 1’s newswoman Kristine Leahy to “Stay in your lane” during an interview on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. We know that part of Lavar Ball’s shtick is to act out of pocket and talk reckless but sometimes he just comes off as a douche.

ESPN took notice of the cringe-worthy moment and in a statement issued to USA TODAY, condemned Lavar’s comment as “completely inappropriate and we made him aware of that.”

We guess that means he’s not banned from ever appearing on ESPN but will have to watch what he says? Good luck with that.

And while Molly Qerim has been the object of many fans affection for quite some time now, mostly everyone knows that she’s happily married to ex-NBA star Jalen Rose. Lavar don’t want no smoke with Jalen, b.

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