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LaVar Ball is about to feel the wrath of white America, this after he shut down Fox Sports reporter Kristine Leahy during a tense exchange on Colin Cowherd’s The Herd show. Ball told Leahy to “stay in her lane” after she inquired about how many of the highly-priced Big Baller shoes have sold which some are saying was a show of disrespect but there are layers to this.

Ball was engaged in a conversation with Cowherd, answering a question that the host initially asked about the number of shoes sold. After giving a vague answer, it appears Leahy chimed in and seemed to sneer when she quipped “how many?”

That seemed to set Ball off, who snarled back “stay in your lane” while holding his outstretched palm in a bid to silence and ignore her inquiry. Cowherd attempted to defend Leahy’s question, saying she’s just being a reporter probing for questions. Ball told Cowherd the number of shoes sold was about “400 or 500 pairs” but not before telling Leahy to “leave him alone.”

It was clear that Ball was irritated at a comment Leahy made saying she wouldn’t rock the Big Baller brand, but her reasoning was that the gear didn’t seem aimed towards women.

Truth be told, both of them took a dip in the petty pool during the exchange but the moment that has Twitter squawking is this big Black man shutting down the white reporter. And she did take some shots at the elder Ball and his parenting style in a previous show so there’s hints of bad blood here.

We’ve collected some of the reaction to LaVar Ball’s shutdown of Kristine Leahy below and on the following pages. Peep the carnage.

And if want to hear the interview in full, peep the audio link below.

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