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Azealia Banks shared details of her relationship with ex-boyfriend and Coldplay manager Dave Holmes, alleging that he physically assaulted her. The Harlem rapper took to Instagram to reveal her side of the matter while illustrating how their romance began before things took a dark turn.

Speaking in the third person, Banks opened up about how she met Holmes when she was still signed to the XL Recordings label just as her career was beginning to soar. In her typically candid fashion, Banks spares no details in telling the story from her vantage point.

From Banks’ Instagram post:

On the night before the 1991 video, the couple get into a heated arguement about $2,000 she’d borrowed from him two weeks earlier. She grabs hold of his fancy espresso machine and pushes it on the floor, which prompts him to put her in a choking headlock. The fight gets nasty, with her throwing rocks through glass windows and him dragging her by her hair and throwing her into a freezing cold shower. During the headlock she cuts the inside of her lip on her teeth and begins to spit blood. Her friend comes to pick her up and take her home where she cries for hours and doesn’t sleep a wink. Her world was shattered. She had plans to marry this man. She imagined the entire rest of her life with him and could never have seen this coming. She gets to set the next morning tired , confused and emotionally drained .

The entire post can be viewed below, which seemed to be part of a running series of “Throwback Thursday” posts that she shared via her Instagram page. Hit the flip to see the others, which also reference her time with Holmes.

Photo: Instagram

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