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Azealia Banks continues to be her own worst enemy. The struggle rapper (it is what it is) continued to critique Cardi B in a recent interview, even comparing the Bronx rapper to Iggy Azalea. 

As for what Banks said this time.

“I’m very entertained by Cardi B, and I really like ‘Bodak Yellow’ like it’s a really good song, but you are not that girl. It’s just the truth, it’s just the truth you know what I’m saying?” Banks told The Black Media.

She continued, “I’m not trying to take anything from you, but you’re just like, you know its [sic] like this female rap thing is like a linage its [sic] a real fire that burns in a soul, you don’t have that fire, I’m very happy for your success and I love your come up and I love like seeing you smile and having a good time, but this women’s expression… just the fire of the black women’s expression, Cardi, you don’t have it, and you won’t get it, because it’s not you.”

Cardi B’s legions of fans paint a totally different picture than the one Banks is painting, though.

Salty much?

Banks also compared Cardi to Iggy Azalea (“We’ve seen this movie before it was called Iggy Azalea,” said Banks). This is where we point out Banks was excited about hopping on a song with her old Australian nemesis, only to have the song get curved by Def Jam, allegedly.

Cardi took to Instagram Live to address the haters and it was more entertaining than most Azealia Banks songs (watch on the flip). No shots.

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