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Beyoncé changes her email address on a weekly basis because of course she does. This tidbit of info is coming from singer Ed Sheeran, who recently dropped a song with Bey

Reports Page Six:

Ed Sheeran revealed her contact information changes weekly.

“I have an email address that I email,” Sheeran, 26, shared with Entertainment Tonight about the making of their new song “Perfect,” which was released this week. “[It] actually changes every week. So I emailed that and we got on the phone, and it’s been in the works since May.”

He says the timeline has been slow coming. “Obviously she had twins… and we finished [the song] in September, so I’ve been holding onto it since then.”

Sheeran also shared her vocal skills are unmatched. In fact, he says Beyoncé completed the song in one shot.

“She was just like, ‘Right!’ Went in, one take, came out, like, ‘Yeah, that sounds alright!’” he quipped.

Was there ever any doubt about any of the aforementioned facts?

Didn’t think so.

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