Rich meets with Navarro later to get in front of the Anais situation, at least he’s being responsible this time, somewhat.

But Navarro had his father’s recent ailment on his mind, sharing the details of his diabetic history and the two men have a moment. Richie decides to hold back on the petty Anais info for now.

Anais and Jonathan manage to meet up and make up after he admits to putting his career before their friendship. “I was such a bad friend to you and I’m so sorry,” he says, sniffling. Anais cries along with him and her forehead vein reappears for awhile until they calm down and dish about recent love interests. Anais tells Jonathan about Richie D and he promptly warns her about his well-known ways.

In other news, Jaquae knows what to do with his money. Outside of his features, studio work and whatnot, he appears to have a restaurant in the making. Bianca meets him to talk about his girlfriend and her ways when she walks in. Sophia commences to talking spicy about Mariahlynn at the video shoot and B is visibly pissed. Surprisingly, she doesn’t go off in the girl’s mouth right then, she holds it together and leaves the vicinity. There may be hope for you yet, young Bianca.

Jaquae is fed up and tells Sophia to “figure it out” with a substantial amount of bass in his voice. We approve.

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