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A line in a Young Jeezy song featuring The Clipse is raising eyebrows, now that an Ivy League blog is calling it “tasteless.”

The line is featured in Jeezy’s track “Illin” where Pusha T of The Clipse references Annie Le, a Yale student murdered in 2009 and found on her wedding day stuffed inside the wall of a school building.

While not mentioning the victim by name, T raps,

“No amount of record sales could derail this. Stuffing dead prezzies in the wall like that Yale Beyotch.”

Annie Le

IvyGate, a blog for Ivy league students at Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell and Brown, weighed in and calls the line “tasteless.”

“Since the song is pretty horrific, we’re hoping this will fade into the MP3 mists. It would be really sad if, a few years down the line, this was still kicking around (at) an Annie Le memorial.

Especially bad timing for Pusha, who just made it big by backing up Kanye at the VMAs on “Runaway. Come on mainstream hip-hop: we can deal with the drugs, prostitution, violence, horrible role-models, and insecure macho-posturing.

But making fun of a murdered young grad student? Really?

Would Hov or Lupe Fiasco (or even Ye himself) pull a move like this? We think not. Get your act together southern rap.”

One of the visitors to site had this to say about the lyric,

“Annie was an amazing girl. She had more class then Jay Jenkins (Young Jeezy)  ever will. She didn’t deserve what happened to her and this lame attempt at edgy rhymes is over the line. Our world is much worse for our loss of Annie’s talents and humanity. Making light of her terrible murder doesn’t make Jenkins “street” or “real” it just makes him an ignorant a**hole.”

Did Pusha take it too far with that line?

Listen below.