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A Chicago woman and her teenage daughter have been arrested and charged after attacking another mother and daughter over a Facebook comment.

Judith E. Scott-Booker and her daughter Brianna Smith have been charged with felony aggravated battery after attacking and stabbing Tiffany Scott  twelve times for a Facebook comment Scott’s daughter made calling Smith’s newborn “ugly”.

Police reports state that Smith and her mother went to Scott’s home to confront Smith about the malicious post and that’s when things turned ugly.

Instead of coming to a resolution, things escalated and became violent after Brianna Smith became physically violent and attempted to hit Scott’s daughter.

Scott says she ordered the mother and daughter out of her home but 15 minutes later the two came back and stabbed her as she was heading towards her car.

“I didn’t even know I had been stabbed until I was back inside my house,” Tiffany Scott said. “There was blood everywhere.”

The girls, who have reportedly been friends for years, both live in the Briarcliff townhouse subdivision but became friends in the fourth grade in Carol Stream.

Tiffany Scott said she moved into the Wheaton cul-de-sac about six years ago, while Scott-Booker moved there just two days before the stabbing.

“I could have died. I keep playing it back in my head. This is someone who has followed me around and for years tried to befriend me,” Scott said. “I still don’t understand why she did this. She’s toxic.”

As of press time, Brianna Smith could not be reached for comment, but her Facebook page posting, hours after the Sept. 3 attack accused a cane-toting Tiffany Scott and her daughter of instigating the confrontation when appearing at her doorstep.

Smith apologized that someone was hurt but said on Facebook, “that’s the price we all pay when we play silly games.”