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A day after he told his congregation he would fight the scandalous allegations being levied against him, more pictures has surfaced which appear to show mega-church pastor Bishop Eddie Long and some Longfellow Youth Academy pupils at the preacher’s private midtown office.

According toHipHopBlog.comsources, Long owns a million dollar penthouse in the city’s midtown district.

The source at the posh Twelve Atlantic Station cites several employees and residents that have noted that Long’s visitors at the location have predominantly been young men.

As previously reported, four men have filed lawsuits claiming that while they were teens; they were coerced into sexual relationships with Long after being chosen as his “spiritual sons” at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

The men who are now in their early 20s claim that while they were members of Long’s Longfellow Youth Academy, the Bishop would lavish them with gifts and overseas trips in order to compel them into sexual relations.

Bishop Long is known for his stark revulsion of gays and gay rights.

Yesterday he spoke out about the allegations during worship service at New Birth saying,

“This an extremely difficult time for me and for my family. And an extremely difficult time for you….you ain’t never got this many phone calls in your life. It’s a time when you actually see the veil dropped and see who’s with you and who’s not with you…

“We cannot control painful situations but we can control our response to it

I’ve been accused, I am under attack. Like I said before, I’m not a perfect man. But this thing I’m gone fight. I feel like David against Goliath, and I got five rocks that I haven’t thrown yet.”

Though he did not specifically deny accusations, he made it clear he would “vigorously” fight the allegations he took advantage, sexually, of young men who at the time were looking to the preacher for friendship and guidance.

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