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Waka Flocka Flame and BET executive Stephen Hill had a war of words Saturday after the Atlanta rapper’s performance at the taping of this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Hill, BET’s Vice President of Music Programming, tweeted after Waka’s performance,

“BET Hip-Hop Awards. The show was going so well…and then Waka Flak-ed. Yeah. I said it. Waka. Flocka. Flamed. Out…”

When the exec was then asked why he invited Waka to perform, he responded,

“Like it or not,he’s popular…Wanted to give a shot #mistake.”

Waka, who was nominated for this years’ ”Rookie Of The Year” award , took to the stage for a performance of “No Hands” and “Hard In The Paint” before jumping off the stage into a crowd, an unrehearsed move.

Waka obviously caught wind of the exec’s rant and issued a response of his own on Twitter, dubbing Hill “P*ssy Hill” and warning him that he “kicks a**, he doesn’t kiss it.”

“I wish more rap n*ggas keep it gangsta like Pac ….God bless p*ssy n*ggas… ima (sic) let fans know the inside of this lame game yall call rap…they want u to don’t b ya self (sic) N x u out 4 being a real n*gga …

p*ssy HILL… how the Fawk u invite Waka Flocka and hate when i jump N the crowd to connect more wit fans and friends ….. #rappers R robots lol…

Flockavelli Ima always keep it 1,000,000. I don’t need a show to make me unlike others. I kick a**,  I don’t kiss a***…flocka. “

He also added one more shot to the BET executive,

“I thak (sic) BET as a whole …..99% should I say ……its(sic) just that 1% is a duck a** n*gga.”

Hill has since tried to reconcile with the rapper and offered to meet with him and his manager.

No word on whether Waka accepted his offer.

Catch Waka’s performance on the BET Hip-Hop Awards when they air October 12 at 8 p.m.