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The parents of a 6-year-old Kansas boy say they were stunned when he came home from school wearing what appeared to be a KKK mask.

Dallas Smith told his parents that was a part of project in his teacher Russ Gordon’s art class and Gordon says that the entire thing was a misunderstanding.

He tells NBCActionNews,

“That was never, never the purpose of the project.”

Instead Gordon said he uses it to teach the principals of shape, symmetry and texture.

He also adds that he’s being doing the art project with students for 30 years without complaint.

“It’s just a creative shape that the kids can take a lot of different directions…I had kids make knights. I had kids make princesses. You can take it all different directions.”

The parents of little Dallas disagree however and plan to move their son to a different school in Pittsburgh, Kansas.

The boy’s father Barry Smith says his wife was scared for her son to be seen in the offensive attire,

“My wife was fearful for my son just because of the symbolism that goes along with this.”’

Smith also says he confronted the school’s principal over the incident who then apologized along with the district superintendent.