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Abolish Columbus Day

KKKolumbus no hero: He’s a murderer who caused the genocide of the Indigenous people!

“It has been said of the Spanish Conquistadors, that first they fell on their knees, and then they fell on the aborigines.” Eric Williams – Columbus to Castro.

Annually, on the 2nd Monday of each October, most of the United Snakes of Amerikkka celebrate the anniversary of when Cristoforo Colombo discovered that the planet wasn’t as flat as all of Europe then thought.  At the same time, many so-called Indians across the U.S. publicly protest the holiday, demanding that it be renamed ‘Indigenous American Day’.

The Italian-born mass-murderer is responsible for one of the greatest atrocities to ever occur – the genocide of 100s of millions of people, while in the greedy pursuit of material gains.  By introducing Europe to the exploitation and elimination of the Indigenous people who, for thousands of years, previously populated the entire Western-hemisphere, and also for being the catalyst for the trans-Atlantic holocaust of people from Alkebulan a.k.a. Afrika, he gets credit as perhaps being the most popular murderer to ever step foot on Earth.

“Cra%kers are always discoverin’ Isht cuz they’re new on the face of the Earth,” observed revolutionary factologist La Meh Nuah.

Since he was sailing under Spain he was known as Cristobal Colon, and by the time the story was printed in English his name had been Anglicized as Christopher Columbus.  The his-story books portray the European exploiter as some sort of hero when in actuality he is to the Indigenous people of the Western-hemisphere what Adolf Hitler is to the Caucasian Jews, magnified 100 times.

While some estimates claim that approximately 6 million Jews were killed during WWII, over 100 million Indigenous individuals and 100s of millions of Afrikans were slaughtered during the Afrikan/Native Amerikkkan holocaust.

The public school curriculum propagates that the exploitive explorer’s crew “discovered Amerikkka” while searching for a faster route to India where they’d find herbs and spices for their food.  The books teach that Killer Kristopher Kolumbus’ crew had gotten lost, which is an outright lie because the ships were being maneuvered by experienced Afrikan navigators who had been sailing around the globe for decades by utilizing their precise maps.  Plus, they utilized maps and a calendar which was thousands of years old.

They also say that the Europeans were seeking spices, which is another lie, because  the Moors had already introduced Europeans to spices centuries earlier.

“…You had secret evidence / and documents / on how they raped the continents!” RZA – 4th Chamber – off of “Liquid Swords” by Gza.

Europeans came to the Western hemisphere to exploit the people, while pillaging and robbing the land, just as they had already done to other original people in Afrika.  The first place they touched base on they named Puerto Rico, which literally means – rich port, because of all the gold they ‘discovered’ there.

While Caucasoids claim in their records that they had arrived at an uninhibited land with roaming scavengers, in reality they had just encountered high standards of civilization.  Although they destroyed most of the proof which proves that a highly cultivated civilization already was in existence, the pyramids and other monuments of the Olmecs are still standing in Central Amerikkka.

KKKolumbus Day initially began as an Italian-Amerikkkan acknowledgment in San Francisco, CA in 1869, even though the first full-fledged celebration wasn’t conducted until 1907 and by 1937 it had become more accepted.  In 1963, Roland Libonate proposed that U.S. Congress declare KKKolumbus Day as a national holiday.  The holiday is not recognized in 3 states – Hawaii, Nevada & South Dakota.

According to KKKolumbus’ diary, his 1st letter to the King and Queen of Spain read:

“Had taken some Indians by force from the first island that (he) came to,” so he couldn’t have discovered the land – the so-called Indians were already populating.

A fact which is often overlooked is that KKKolumbus never actually stepped foot on the continental U.S., only arriving in the Caribbean, nicknamed the West Indies because KKKolumbus thought he was in India.  KKKolumbus was not just the first person to “discover Amerikkka”, he wasn’t even the 1st Caucasoid to do so, as the Vikings had already accomplished that centuries earlier.

Also, many records were kept of some of the atrocities committed against the Indigenous people, such as, when the Spaniards would unmercifully beat their enslaved subjects from daybreak til the break of dawn the following day.  After being taught how to cultivate the land by the Indigenous people, the Europeanas turned around and committed mass murder against them.

Additionally, how the slave-makers took Indigenous children, bury them up to their neck in dirt, then run up and kick their heads off for sport.  Also to mention the implementation of the capitalism – via the Afrikan Trans-Atlantic slave trade, which also costs multi-millions of lives.

Below is a petition to abolish KKKolumbus Day.

To:  President of The United States, The U.S. Congress, The U.S. Senate

We, the undersigned, petition the President of the United States, The U.S. Congress, and The U.S. Senate to hereby change “Columbus Day” to “Native American Day”.

Christopher Columbus did not discover America, he discovered Native Americans living peacefully in their homeland. And, as history has taught us, Mr. Columbus was not even the first to visit America from Europe.

So, then why do we continue to disgrace Native Americans by throwing this “National Holiday” up in their faces? It’s about time we realize that as Americans we are continuing the hate cycle by allowing this to continue. We should be thanking Native Americans for taking us in and sharing with us their ancient wisdom.

We have never had a Native American holiday in the U.S. and that is truly a shame. We deem anything we want as a “Federal Holiday” if only for the benefit of government employees having yet another 3-day weekend.

Let us give credit where credit is due. We urge you to change “Columbus Day” to “Native American Day”.


Stop Celebrating Columbus Day!

End this symbol of racism and genocide, known as Columbus Day.