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Two toddlers are making headlines after becoming engaged for an arranged marriage in Syria.

The parents of 5-year-old Khalid bought a set of rings for their son and his bride to be 3-year-old Hala.

The boy’s father Juma tells Gulf News that his son fell in love with Hala during a family trip.

“Khalid told me and his mother that he would like to have stayed with Hala or bring her home,” Juma said, saying that both his boy and the girl suffered “loneliness” while they were apart.

“At that moment I remembered the vow I’d made before Khalid’s birth, and decided to buy the couple rings. The family moved back to Lattakia to celebrate the engagement.”

Juma had previously vowed to have his son engaged at the age of 5 so that he could marry ten years later at 15.

The children have reportedly consented to the marriage.