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Nicki Minaj sat down to discuss what fans can expect from her upcoming debut album Pink Friday.

During her interview with Sway on MTV’s Rap Fix, Nicki states that fans will be introduced to new characters and a special collaboration with Slim Shady on a track called “Romans Revenge”.

“I had the most fun recording ‘Romans Revenge”,” Nicki said in the interview with a British accent. “It Roman, its Martha and it was Slim Shady. The craziest character in the song has to be slim.”

On working with Eminem, Nicki states that she never thought that he would want to do it.

“Honestly we stepped out on a whim when I asked him to work with,” Nicki continued. “He didn’t like the first track that I sent to him, but he didn’t tell me he didn’t like it, he said it was dope but it wasn’t ‘him’. But when he got the second track he called me and said that he loved it and I was excited.”

In the midst of her interviews, Nicki also broke down why she is determined to keep going with things her way despite what naysayers have to say.

“My mother is my biggest supporter and she influences me a lot in my career,” Nicki said. “When I was starting out, she was always there praying for me and just really supporting me and I love that. She is such a strong woman and that is where I get my ‘where there is a will there is a way’ attitude from because to us, there is no such thing as ‘can’t do’.”

Although Nicki has many different personalities characters, fans are being introduced to a new one that she plans only to debut after her release date.

“Everyone has heard Roman, Barbie and Nicki,” Nicki explained. “But now I am bringing a new character to the album that fans will hear and it’s Roman’s mother, Martha-but you will have to wait until November 23rd to meet her.”

Wow, more accents?! Can’t wait.


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